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Play in AirFUN together, get bonus gifts together!

AirFUN provides Partner Package.
Invite friends to join, and get an additional bonus too!
Come and create your own gaming circle!
Visit the event page, click invite friends, and enter their mobile phone number.
Notify your friends to login to QPP, redeem the Partner Package, and win 200,000 iSota.
Click on the AirFUN citizen pass to enjoy different games.
Open feedback report to see the friends-playing rebates.

Event Details

1. Event time: From now on ~ 2021/06/30 (GMT+8)
2. Each citizen can only redeem one Partner Package.
3. When your friends redeem the Partner Package, you can get an additional bonus of 200,000 iSota.
4. During the activity period, every recommender can get an additional bonus once.
5. Friends redeeming a Partner Package can refill one distribution of each recommender.
6. Friends cannot be each other's recommender.
7. The Partner Package is valid for redemption only during the event period.
8. 1% (iSota) of the cumulative scores of companions during the event period will be distributed to the recommender on the 10th of each month.
9. As the recommender if you are a brander too, your rebate will be distributed as part of your monthly commission.
10. AirFUN reserves the right to the final interpretation for the event.
11. AirFUN reserves the right to revise, suspend, or cancel the event.