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《天天登入 好禮領不停 》

2022/07/04 12:00

活動辦法 : 

👉每日登入都送2000 iSota








Activity Rules: 

👉Get 2000 iSota when you log in every day

※Players are eligible to participate in the activity with a valid membership and paired and verified mobile number. 

※The prize will be distributed once when player logs in.

※ The above activities are only applicable during the activity period. Participant disqualified if not achieved during the activity period.

※AirFUN reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

※AirFUN reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the event.

《樂不思暑五月五 粽金豪禮慶端午》

2022/06/01 09:08



即日起只要追隨品牌主,即可領取5萬 iSota !



The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, AirFUN is sending gifts straight to your heart

Let’s celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together!

From now on, simply follow branders to receive up to 50,000 iSota!

Please refer to the Dragon Boat Festival Lucky Money page for more details


2022/05/01 17:45


百萬 iSota獎勵等你來拿🎁




玩越多越有機會,一起揪團玩起來! 😆


AirFUN “Battle for the Highest Multipliers” has arrived!

Millions of iSota up for grabs🎁

Please refer to FB or IG



The more you play, the more opportunities you will have. Invite your friends to join the game! 😆

AirFUN #IG專屬活動來囉

2022/04/19 13:57

走過路過千萬不要錯過 !

追蹤 AirFUN的IG官方帳號的市民們有福囉~


就可以獲得iSota遊戲幣喔 !

趕緊號召身邊夥伴一起來追蹤領獎勵 🙌


FB粉專網址 :


Here comes an event exclusive on AirFUN #IG

Blessed are the citizens who follow AirFUN's IG official account~

You can get iSota by simply completing steps

Hurry up and take your friends with you to follow and get the prize 🙌

Please see the FB fan page top post for more information👇

新年發財金 賀卡抽獎最甘心🙌

2022/01/25 16:04



活動時間: 即日起 ~ 2022-03-31 23:59 (GMT+8)



1️⃣ 追隨品牌主並綁定門號

2️⃣ 專屬活動頁領取新年發財金50,000 iSota!🧧




1️⃣ 專屬活動頁獲得新年賀卡

2️⃣ 在此則按讚和分享並於底下留言貼上市民所抽到的賀卡,即可獲得抽獎資格

每次抽獎於IG & FB各抽出10位,每一名皆可獲得 888,888 iSota!✨

🎁活動加碼禮於4/1號統計該賀卡留言獲得最多貼文心情者可額外獲得10,000,000 iSota (IG & FB只會選出一位最高者)


2/9、2/24、3/11、3/28、4/1下午14:30(GMT+8)各抽一次,名單於該日16:00 (GMT+8)公告




※活動時間:即日起 ~ 2022/03/31 23:59 (GMT+8)










Lucky Money and Greeting card. Wealth your heart!

Do you want your exclusive greeting card and 10 million great prizes?

Do not miss out on these 2 fantastic events that will keep you winning great prizes!!

Campaign period: Now until 2022-03-31 23:59 (GMT+8)

Everyone is entitled to collect the good fortune cash

Event regulation:

1️⃣ Follow the brander and add your number

2️⃣Collect the New Year's good fortune cash of 50,000 iSota from the exclusive event website!

A lottery will be conducted every 2 weeks during the event and you stand a chance to win multiple times!!

Join the lottery with the greeting card to win 10,000 great prizes

Lottery regulation:

1️⃣ Obtain the New Year's greeting card from the exclusive event website

2️⃣ Click on like and share your greeting card by leaving a message below to obtain the right to join the lottery

10 winners will be selected on IG & FB during each lottery, and each winner will receive 888,888 iSota!

🎁As a bonus, the greeting card with the most reaction emojis before 4/1 will receive an additional 10,000,000 iSota (only one winner with the highest number of reaction emojis on IG & FB will be selected)

Lottery time: a lottery will be conducted every 2 weeks

A lottery will take place at 14:30 (GMT+8) on 2/9, 2/24, 3/11, 3/28, and 4/1. The winners' list will be announced at 16:00 (GMT+8) on the same day of the lottery

Please refer to the FB&IG for more details



※Campaign Period: Starting from today to 2022/03/31 23:59 (GMT+8)

※The fan club lottery takes place biweekly, you need to participate in the fan club activities and meet the qualifications to join the lottery

※Each player from the fan club can only collect the cash prize once per lottery

※The fan club lottery winners' list will be announced in conjunction with the lottery video to let the citizens view the lottery process

※If more than 2 players receive the same amount of reaction emojis for their posts, the fan club bonus reward will be shared equally among them

※Each player is only entitled to receive the New Year's good fortune cash once during the event period

※Aforementioned contents are only available during the campaign. Rounds will now be counted if players fail to meet the campaign's requirements.

※AirFUN reserves the right to the final interpretation for the event.

※AirFUN reserves the right to revise, suspend or cancel the event.

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